Test your video

Basic requirements and setup

No software is required as it all runs in a web browser.

This service relies on a reasonably up-to-date web browser running on a computer. The best results will be obtained with Chrome or Chromium v76 or later. Do not attempt to run this page on a phone or tablet.

Normally you will run the real-time video service from the same computer running either Jamulus or JackTrip and you should be connected to Ethernet. If you will only send video for this test, your connection won't matter. If you want to test receiving video, try to connect to Ethernet. If you can't do that, Wi-Fi is acceptable but connecting through a cellular network will likely cause problems.

Enter a unique room name below and hit LAUNCH. A new page will open where you can select your camera, microphone, and speaker and hit START to enter your room.

After entering the room, if you can see yourself then your camera is working and you are able to send video.

To go further, you can test receiving video by visiting this same page from another device (or sending the URL for this page to another person). Enter the same unique room name from the other device. Make sure you are using a unique room name. If someone else is testing on this server and uses the same room name, you may encounter them in the meeting room! You should then be able to send and receive video from both devices.

If your camera doesn't start or you encounter other issues, see the Troubleshooting section below.

Troubleshooting your camera

What to do if your camera doesn't start transmitting video or your camera isn't listed as a video source

Under normal circumstances, your webcam should begin capturing video when it is selected on the video page.

Some cameras will take a few seconds to activate.

If you have not visited the video page before, your browser should prompt you to give permission to use the camera. If you are not prompted for permission the first time, or if you previously gave permission and your camera does not turn on, or if your camera isn't listed as a video source, you can try the following workarounds:

What to do if your camera stops operating after some time

If your camera works for a while but then stops transmitting video, check if the browser or the browser tab are in the background. In some cases, some browsers may throttle activity in the tab after some time if it is not in kept in the foreground.